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35 Days of Creative Living: Part Two

The life of a writer demands creativity. Lately, I’m on a journey to do (at least) one creative thing every day. You can read about my first 7 days, which wove together my business and mommy life. Week two continued along this trend! I hope you find some inspiration in these activities and ideas.

Day 8: Today I worked with a national organization devoted to reducing homelessness among Veterans. We collaboratively developed a plan for writing white papers to share their best practices with healthcare organizations. White papers do such an amazing job of communicating technical information, so it is an honor to create these reports for a group making huge strides in the fight to end Veteran homelessness.

Day 9: As I transition to life with two babies under two years old, I have to think very creatively about how caring for them can fit with my work-at-home career. Today was my day off with the babies–my first full day with both kids by myself–and I enjoyed mulching our front garden bed (watch Clara help me garden here) and getting some client work done during their afternoon naps.

Day 10: Spoke with a university press about publishing my dissertation into a book. This was a creative exercise in reimagine a text for a new, broader audience. In general, this meeting got me thinking more about my love for Appalachian Studies and my desire to continue writing and researching for Appalachian communities.

Day 11: Created a writing sample for a design thinking organization that considers how healthcare organizations can communicate with patients through wearable technologies. It was a challenge to transform this writing sample into a blog series on the topic, since I debated whether to post this as a medical writing issue or a business writing topic. Thinking from multiple perspectives is key to living a creative–and compassionate!–life.

Day 12: Today I returned to my “Brave” textbook–Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert–and found the following quote:

Day 13: We were brave enough to take our two babies on a camping trip! We took long walks around a lake to the nearby playground, where we chased our toddler down slides. You can see clips from our adventure on this YouTube video we made! We debated about work-life balance in the crisp spring air. Getting outside continues to be a source of creativity for all of us.

Day 14: We drove home from the camping trip utterly exhausted. It was too soon to take two babies overnight like that! We gripped the steering wheel with white knuckles and stared off into space while licking our wounds from lack of sleep and over-panic at the fear of Clara running into the lake, road, or campfire. We love camping, and will definitely do it again. We just need more time. Haha.

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