Book Recommendations for Writers: August 2018

This month we’ve revisited key works on grammar and style as we’ve prepared for the launch of our online course, Wordsmith: A Grammar & Style Refresher. These books historicize writing and style, offer up grammar rules and best practices, and suggest strategies for managing writing responsibilities in the workplace.  Check out our #OfftheShelfpicks for August:

Understanding Writing Blocks Book Cover Image

Understanding Writing Blocks

by Keith Hjortshoj

Even though our team writes professionally, we are all too familiar with the highs and lows that come along with any given writing experience. If you’ve ever experienced the low that is writer’s block, then this read is for you. Check out Understanding Writing Blocks by Keith Hjortshoj’s for a look at where writing blocks come from and how to overcome them.

Writing About Writing Book Cover Image

Writing About Writing

By Elizabeth Wardle & Douglas Downs 

Strong writers take what they know and finds ways to connect it to a variety of contexts. Strategies for honing this skill can be found in Douglas Downs and Elizabeth Wardle’s Writing About Writing. With this text, readers  learn to adapt their writing to everyday life, education, and the workplace. Read now to make your writing more accessible to more audiences!

They Say, I Say Book Cover Image

They Say I Say

By Cathy Birkenstein & Gerald Graff

Sometimes it’s only several hours after a heated debate that we come up with the best retorts. You may wonder, what would be different, if the right counterpoint had come to mind at the right time? We suggest you read They Say, I Say by Cathy Birkenstein and Gerald Graff, if you revise conversations long after they end and want strategies for framing effective arguments.

Rewriting Book Cover Image

Rewriting: How to Do Things with Texts 

By Joseph Harris

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