Book Recommendations for Writers: April 2018

This month we’ve taken a look at works that remind us that writing in all its forms shapes our everyday lives. From light-hearted histories about the origin of phrases to words that communicate the depth of human experience like our National Poetry Month pick of the month, Salt, this month’s book recommendations make the case that we should appreciate the words that shape our lives–at work, at play, and every day. Check out this month’s book pick for writers:

Speaking Power to Truth: Digital Discourse and the Public Intellectual by Michael Keren and Richard Hawkins

The public sphere has been inextricably tied to the technological world for some time now, but according to our Off the Shelf pick, its implications on our pursuit of knowledge and truth remain important. Edited by Michael Keren and Richard Hawkins, Speaking Power to Truth: Digital Discourse and the Public Intellectual has us thinking about the role of public intellectuals in a digital age. Read and reflect with us this week!

Why You Say It: The Fascinating Stories Behind over 600 Everyday Words and Phrases by Webb Garrison

This week’s off the shelf pick goes to our favorite fun fact book, Why You Say It. According to author, Web Garrison, there is story behind every word we say. If you’re interested in some of the historical perspectives for our most commonly used words and phrases, we recommend looking here first.

Storytelling in Business: The Authentic and Fluent Organization by Janis Forman 

All effective communication comes from a place of authenticity. This belief acts as a guiding force for our work at Untold and this week’s Off the Shelf, Storytelling in Business by Janis Forman, affirms us. If you’re searching for ways to strengthen strategy with authentic content, we recommend this text!

Salt by Nayyirah Waheed 

In celebration of National Poetry Month, this week’s Off the Shelf goes tho Nayyirah Waheed’s Salt. Her words explore racial histories and personal experience, and her poems hit readers hard with simultaneous brevity and depth. We recommend this profoundly important work to all readers out there.

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