Off the Shelf March Recommendations

Book Recommendations for Writers: March 2018

This month has been all about taking a deep dive into the small ways that individuals build big things: communities, publics, even histories. From making publics through reading and writing practices to making history through everyday living, the readings below serve as a reminder that each day we shape the environments that surround us. Take a look at some of our book recommendations for writers:

Publics and Counterpublics by Michael Warner

This month, our team took a closer look at Michael Warner’s Publics and Counterpublics, which talks about the creation of publics through writing–both the act of writing and the circulation of texts. His work reminds us that words have the power to unify and mobilize action among strangers. Warner calls it “poetic worldmaking.” He makes a compelling case for the relationship between publics and writing that’s well worth the read.

–Mandy Watts, Untold

Disclosing New Worlds by Charles Spinosa, Fernando Flores, and Hubert L. Dreyfus William 

This month’s reading, Disclosing New Worlds, has our team thinking about history-making a little differently–as changes made in everyday practices over time. We recommend this text for a closer examination into how people make history in the realms of entrepreneurship, democratic action, and the creation of solidarity!

–Dani Clark, Untold

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