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Case Study: Edgewell’s Innovation Storytelling Training


Edgewell is an innovative consumer products company with a focus in personal care. Untold Content offered innovation storytelling strategies to Edgewell’s Research & Development team to help bring their products to life and to market.


  • Equip Edgewell’s innovation team with storytelling strategies to increase stakeholder buy-in for innovative ideas, products, and prototypes.


  • 1.5 day workshop on innovation storytelling with Edgewell’s innovation team. The training explored five key drivers of innovation storytelling: Empathy, Impact, Evidence, Alignment, and Engagement. Workshop activities prompted creative ideation, pitch practice, review of “epic examples” and feedback on past and present prototype pitches for leadership.


  • 100% of participants either strongly agreed or agreed that the training increased creative and strategic communication around innovation as well as increased their awareness of the role of content in the innovation process.
  • Within two months of the training, the innovation team reported that their innovation presentations were more concise, targeted, audience-aware, and effective in gaining organizational buy-in.

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