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A Social Media Scheduler Review: Why CoSchedule is a “Better Boyfriend”

This week’s Social Media Scheduler Review evaluates CoSchedule. As a company that manages our own content as well as some of our clients’, selecting a scheduling service seemed like an obvious choice. Whether it be via finding a marketing team file transfer software package or any other means, having a way of scheduling these things helps productivity. Before investing, we did some research about what’s out there, and as it turns out, there’s quite a lot to choose from when it comes to social scheduling. In this sea of social automation, MeetEdgar stood out with its playful octopus icon and conversational content. The service presents itself as the ideal boyfriend that keeps your life simple and attends to every need without being asked. These qualities come in the form of a “social media library” and the ability to shuffle your content and send it back out without the risk of too much repetition. While it’s true that these features save you time by regenerating content, after a while the relationship begins to feel too surface level. This becomes especially apparent if you have an expanding team and growing content. Not unlike dating someone for a couple months and realizing you’ve had fun, but the interaction lacks depth, using MeetEdgar as a scheduling service is a very good thing when it’s temporary.

So, after spending some time looking around and courting MeetEdgar, our team decided we were ready for a meaningful, long term commitment. We recognized that we require a platform with more precision and integration when it comes to marketing management for content driven websites. We wanted something that combined content planning, publishing, and promotion with on-going communication of enriching resources. And with CoSchedule, that’s exactly what we found.

Here’s What It Is:

CoSchedule is an editorial calendar that present an exhaustive collection of social sharing functions by offering a single, user-friendly location. Not only do they provide a myriad marketing management services, they pair them with comprehensive instructions and advice for best practices. If you are an entrepreneur, author, designer, blogger, or even a small to medium sized business, this is the tool you need to organize production schedules and provide structure for you and your team to ultimately share ideas with your audiences. With CoSchedule, you finally have the partner you need to navigate the social content landscape. Take a look at CoSchedule’s overview video for further description:

Four Main Areas: CoSchedule ensures support for all essential social content production and promotion needs. Check out the four main areas of support and key features of each here:

CoSchedule Uses and Main Support Areas

Content Marketing

You are given a holistic view of your organization’s planned content with the social scheduling Marketing Calendar. This allows you to schedule content months ahead of their release with the “drag and drop” feature. If you’re scheduling content but have no audience with which to share it, this is likely something you’ll wish to remedy. Something like a managed Instagram service can help you to organically grow a following on that particular social media platform so that more people will be able to view your content. You can set tasks for team members and be notified of deadlines all within the marketing calendar. Key Features:

  • Marketing Calendar
  • Workflow Management
  • Social Promotion

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

Social Media Marketing

The entire social media strategizing process takes place within CoSchedule. All social media messages are visible in one place, which makes it easy to see what areas need attention and gaps that need filling. You can create social campaigns for your content with features that allow you to attach links, images, and content and post to several platforms. Take the next step to use the Requeue feature where you can set specific content to post again at a scheduled time to make sure it is circulated effectively and consistently. The feature takes the whole schedule into consideration and fills in where content is missing. Key Features:

  • Marketing Calendar
  • Social Campaigns
  • Requeue

Marketing Projects

Workflow templates are offered through CoSchedule to keep communication open between team members with easy file sharing, this is like the software designed by JetPack Workflow who can help companies with managing their work if you needed a comparison. Members can assign tasks and make comments on each piece of content on the marketing calendar. Here, everyone has access to content as well as the editorial process. Key Features:

  • Marketing Calendar
  • Workflow Management
  • Social Promotion

Blog Management

Arguably the most useful element of this application is the direct connection to WordPress. Content can automatically sync to your WordPress account. You can write content for your blog and the promotional social media for it at the same time, on the same page. In addition the efficient and manageable content creation, you can track all blog posts on the calendar and receive “Social Engagement Reports” from Coschedule. Key Features:

  • Marketing Calendar
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Integrations

Our Favorite Features:

The following features have been particularly useful for our business by guaranteeing quality scheduling and content:

Requeue: Social Automation

This social automation tool uses data-driven intelligence to make certain that your best posts are shared in your social networks on a consistent basis. This eliminates time spent manually re-scheduling posts so you can spend more time on good content.

Social Media Analytics

CoSchedule shares with you how engaging your content is to various audiences. The application provides statistics for individual platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to help track and measure best content. With an informed perspective, you can better plan and implement your social media strategy.

CoSchedule Social Media Analytics


Content creation often involves the use of several programs and tools. CoSchedule recognizes this part of the process and allows flexible plugin access to the following tools:

  • Google Docs
  • EverNote
  • WordPress
  • Chrome Extension
  • Google Analytics
  • Headline Analyzer


The team at CoSchedule uses their application to manage their own blog content, which is easily one of the more wide-ranging and informative parts of the website. The blog is integrated with instructional videos, podcast episodes, and imagery to ease the process of implementing the many tools offered. Alongside their more practical blog posts, they provide resources to improve readers’ content. Here is where they express their near-constant innovation to the fullest extent.

Check out CoSchedule’s 14-day trial and realize the full relationship potential for your business and its social content scheduling service!

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