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This FREE online writing class will teach you how to write and communicate for greater impact and influence. Learn the 5 levels of effective business writing, including tips for writing more quickly and impactfully in your professional life. You'll walk away from this 1-hour power session with practical tips and mindset shifts that you can use to power-up your professional game. 

What We Cover in this FREE Online Writing Class

In the 1-hour it takes to complete this free online writing course, we address today’s most important business writing topics, including:

  • How to Write Correctly, Clearly and Concisely

  • How to Write for International Business Audiences

  • How to Write for Accessibility & 508 Compliance

  • How to Write with Gender Neutral Language for More Inclusive Workspaces

    What Professionals Say...

    free online writing course review

    "I really enjoyed this webinar. Great topic. Spot-on content. No doubt these insights will bring incremental value to professionals across many different sectors, at any level."

    José Montenegro, Innovation Leader at Corteva (DowDupont)
    free online writing course review

    "This writing-focused webinar is very relevant to current business environments. The writing advice is highly actionable!"

    Chief Operations Office, Large Healthcare Startup in Silicon Valley
    free online writing course review

    "Your people are your brand, and their writing drives your customers' decisions. This online writing class will increase your employees' and customers' confidence."

    Rob Hart, Head of R&D at The Shepherd Chemical Company

    Meet Your Instructor

    best free online writing course

    Katie Trauth Taylor is CEO of Untold Content, a writing consultancy for thought leaders and thought-leading organizations. As a former professor at the nation's top research universities, Katie helps thought leaders propel their professional impact through clear, compelling writing. A cheerful word enthusiast, Katie has achieved over $1M in consulting sales for the world's most innovative organizations, publishing hundreds of thought pieces, feature articles, and peer-reviewed publications in collaboration with subject matter experts across industries.

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