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Give the Gift of Creative Space

We often spend our creative energy on gift giving this time of year, leaving little time to pause and be imaginative for ourselves. This can have us ending the holidays feeling drained of all energy, let alone the creative kind. Let’s avoid that Christmas crash. So, whether you sit down to finish a craft that has made its home in some forgotten cabinet or push pen to paper and write prose, this holiday season, give the gift of creative space. 

Give the Gift of Creative Space Here at Untold Content, we’ve come up with ways to foster creativity, for you or someone you love, in a few simple steps. As we know, sometimes being creative is a simple matter of having the right tools and motivation, but more importantly it is about making time and space for creative acts. So why not enter the New Year invigorated with new habits that inspire day to day creativity? Together, we can spend the holiday season in a way that rejuvenates the mind instead of depleting its inventive power.

What’s in Our Creativity Kit?

We’ve combined the unbeatable elements of a creative experience into one kit. These include local art pieces, motivational pencils, a sketch book, the makings for delicious hot beverages, and a sound track to fit the needs of the creative individual at hand.

So You Have the Tools. Now What?

1.) Let art inspire you.

Free your thoughts in an exploration of local artists’ work. We recommend finding local zines that combine written and visual mediums or walking through the Cincinnati Art Museum to fill your physical surroundings with stimulating imagery. External imagery and writing will prime your mental scape for new ideas and artistic inspiration.

2.) Write and write and write.

One of the best places to begin the creative process is with pencil in hand. We want to pair that tool with the necessary motivation by using pencils with encouraging messages. Check out Cincinnati’s local Lucca Lasershop, and their pencils that read: “You’ve got this!” and “Today’s your day!” They provide the right words for any creative setting.

3.) Give yourself options.

The combined effort of lined paper and sketch book presents you with the option to respond when inspiration strikes. Now that you have the pencils, it’s time to decide whether to write or draw your current imaginings. Here are some prompts that are easily catered to individual interest:

  • Think of a fond childhood memory. Write about it. Use your 5 senses: what did you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch?
  • See if you can illustrate an accompanying visual for the memory.
  • Draw a place where you find peace.
  • Write a story that takes place within the peaceful place.

4.) Warm up the mind.

Start literally warming yourself up with a hot beverage. Include tea or coffee (or even better, hot chocolate!) in your experience. The caffeinated mind never goes unappreciated when seeking motivation to be creative. Our personal favorite is a tea shop located in Cincinnati’s Findlay Market called, Churchill’s Fine Teas where the amount of available teas as well as their rich tastes and aromas is seemingly endless. When you please the senses, you please the mind.

5.) Find your soundtrack. 

Reflect on the sounds you enjoy when you are creatively focused. Do you prefer complete silence? Perhaps the low hum of people chatting around you at a coffee shop? Instrumental music? Once you’ve identified ways to listen while you create, make a plan, or a playlist! to return to this soundtrack when you’re looking to give yourself the gift of space to innovate.

You’ve acquired the tools. You’ve mastered the process. Now take your ideas, and dare to give the gift of creative space!

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