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How to Hire Amazing Writers for Content Marketing

Writing is a key medium in which people tell their stories and inspire others to act. Recently, the Content Marketing Institute hosted a round-table discussion about how to hire amazing writers and storytellers to build impactful content that motivates and informs readers. The hiring process can be really difficult and some reach out to professional employer organizations to help them find more suitable candidates for job roles. Top leaders in the content marketing world, specifically Ardath Albee, Carla Johnson, Jeannine Rossignol, and Vishal Khanna shared their insights on the importance of hiring great writers as well as their personal experiences with drafting and editing.

Our world today is made up not only of words, but a wide variety of mediums. Videos, images, and sounds all tell stories, with many making use of Explainly producers to help them convey this in a concise and clear manner. But in this stream of sensory mediums, it is important not to lose sight of the timeless importance of writing so that the ability to tell stories and the skill of informing others in words do not fade. In the video, Rossignol asks: How can we express ourselves and our stories if we are unable to write?

Taking it a step further, Khanna touches on an important point when it comes to selling yourself and your business to consumers: Misspelled and grammatically incorrect website pages/brochures/templates reflect on the company’s credibility and work ethic. In fact, Khanna bluntly states that if he catches one of these errors, he loses interest in that company and its services. Would you trust a company that markets itself among spelling and grammatical errors?

In some cases, struggles that occur within the writing process are often due to failure to practice the vital skill of writing. As mentioned in the round-table discussion, here are some exercises that you can practice to become an overall better writer:

  • Read! And not just material from the business realm…
  • Re-type writing from an author of choice, then continue the piece on with your own writing.
  • Use free-writing to engage your brain with your feelings and mood.
  • Consistency! Write often to ensure familiarity with the skills and methods you’ve learned.

Although no matter how well one can write, it’s imperative to have some knowledge regarding the industry or business the writer is trying to promote, for instance, it would be counterproductive to allow a content producer who has no knowledge on marijuana, for example, to try and complete marketing efforts without an idea about the cannabis company they’ve been hired by. Even if the writer decided on using a cannabis marketing guide, they could find themselves able to produce better marketing content as required. If the writer or marketing team doesn’t specialize in a certain industry, it’s therefore of importance for content writers and other members of the marketing team to have a general knowledge base regarding many different industries, so these types of guides can be a great resource.
If anyone has any exercises or tips that benefit their writing process, please feel free to share. Enjoy the video!

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