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How to Harness Creativity in Small Moments

Bubbles. Is there anything more magical, more symbolic of hope and the passing nature of creativity than bubbles? My daughter is blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk with her grandma in our backyard  while I write this morning. I can hear them giggling and talking. And just now, one of her bubbles floated outside my writing window, and I was reminded of the beauty of this lifestyle. I’m at home. I bop downstairs to say hello and give hugs and kisses, and then return back to my office with the satisfaction of knowing that my daughter and mom are happy, and that I am privileged to do the work I love: writing.

What I love best about being a work-at-home mom is the opportunity and blessing to create and integrate learning experiences for myself and my family. Clara’s creative bubble play and sidewalk chalking is my reminder that our greatest gift as humans is our ability to create. We can make things. Sometimes just because they are beautiful. Sometimes things that don’t last long.

For any parents out there working from home—weaving your professional and personal life together in creative ways—take a moment today to feel gratitude for your kiddos and for the opportunity you have to craft creative experiences for them and for yourself.

Write!  Here’s your writing assignment for today: Get out your phone and something to write on (a journal, laptop, or the notes app in your phone, or even just the comment box below). Set your phone’s timer for 5 minutes. (Have you done this yet? I’m quite serious. Stop reading this and get out a timer!). Now that you’re all set up with a timer and a place to write, I want you to write for 5 minutes on the following prompt:

Dream up a creative activity you can do today. What would the activity involve? Who would you include? What do you hope to get out of the experience? What larger life themes does this activity harken to?

We’d love to hear about your creative activity imaginings. Leave your writing exercise in the comment box below!

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