Untold Innovation Stories with Vivek Mehta

Untold Innovation Stories: Vivek Mehta

A few minutes with Vivek Mehta, Co-Founder of Weeve

By:  Meredith Singleton

This year at Untold Content, we’re focusing on Untold Innovation Stories. As a firm committed to innovation storytelling from thought leaders across organizations and sectors, we have embarked on a journey to uncover stories of innovative thinking that are galvanizing change and growth in four main industries: tech, medical, science and human impact. This first quarter, we’re focused on the tech sector. We asked you to nominate thought leaders in your field who are driving innovation, and here is the first of those responses.

This month, we’re excited to share the story of Vivek Mehta, Co-Founder of Weeve. Mehta and Cincinnati-based tech company Weeve are changing the way we think about employee feedback in the human resources field by using artificial intelligence to create an empathetic, yet anonymous, conversation with employees, and they’re leading the way. In 2017, the Society of Human Resources Management pointed out that artificial intelligence would allow employers to contextualize feedback to better understand an employee’s concerns and how to address them more efficiently and effectively. A year later, HR Technologist predicted collecting information about employee experience would be one of the four most important trends for employers in 2019.

So, we hope you enjoy these next few minutes of our interview with our Innovator of the Month, Vivek Mehta.

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Vivek Mehta’s Innovation Story

Vivek is Co-Founder and CEO of Weeve

Vivek is Co-Founder and CEO of Weeve. He is a visual designer, full-stack developer, and product manager. Vivek was previously a Deloitte consultant with experience in managing teams developing large-scale web portals supporting millions of users. He also did web and businesses development at two previous startups.

UC: What is your field of specialty?

VM: Other than tech, we’re usually classified as “Feedback and Understanding” or “HRTech.”

UC: Where does your personal and/or organizational innovation story begin?

VM: Weeve was born out of the common experience that companies often receive feedback from unhappy employees but lack a fuller understanding of the employee experience and an action plan to address the issues. Anonymous surveys can capture honest information but feel cold and removed. Face-to-face conversations can create empathetic conversations, but they can often intimidate employees. Weeze solves the problem by bringing together data and empathy which leads to very passionate and honest conversations.

UC: What impact has your innovation had on your organization or the field at large?

VM: The use of employee feedback has evolved since its start about 80 years ago. Cold, top-down annual surveys have transitioned to more frequent pulse surveys, but we see the future of employee feedback in proving that being more emotionally aware and empathetic with the type of data collection results in better feedback and the type of interactions that make employees happier.

UC: What one piece of advice would you give to future innovators?

VM: My one piece of advice to future innovators would be to not keep your idea in your head. Get it out there. Get it in people’s hands. And, get feedback.

Thanks for reading Vivek’s innovation story. You can read more about our Untold Innovation Stories series in our Untold Innovation Stories kickoff post.

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