Meet Dani Clark

Our lead community project coordinator and content strategist creates space for ideation and knowledge sharing across discipline. The power of words, question-asking and reflective listening skills shape her approach to creative communication, research writing, and inventive storytelling. By drawing upon these strengths in all facets of life, Dani shows her commitment to the empowerment of all people, communities, and the organizations that support them, to share what they know through story.

  • Expert Technical Writer

    Professional and technical writer with 5+ years experience coordinating and supporting ideation, research, writing, revision, and design for documents and publications across genre and discipline

  • Skilled Researcher & Story Collector

    Researcher equipped with creative insights and approach to human-based research studies with distinct interview techniques and publication development skills that enhance and enliven data collection, analysis, and reporting processes

  • Community Coordinator

    An active community member and leader facilitating groups that create space for conversation and experiential learning about a wide range of topics from public rhetorics regarding matters of political, philosophical, and social significance to individual experience and oral histories

  • B.A. in English (Literary and Cultural Studies), University of Cincinnati, 2010-2014
  • Certificate in Service Learning and Civic Engagement, University of Cincinnati, 2010-2014