Innovation Cultures with Brian Cobb

Innovation Cultures

“We need to have talent behind everything that we do. We need to understand what’s happening, what’s coming at us, and then finding that talent that just understands the nature of the business, not just internally but externally, across party lines, if you will. And then ultimately, how do we make a difference in not only the global economy, but who we are as humans?” —Brian Cobb

Advancing Science through Story with Lou Gritzo

Advancing Science

“The storytelling changes throughout that whole evolution of the innovation from the front end to the tail end…and the one common factor is can the person you’re talking to put themselves in that position? And if they can, then it becomes almost immediately credible.” —Lou Gritzo, VP at FM Global

Life-Saving Stories Spark Medical Innovation with Angie Lorts

Life-Saving Stories

“Storytelling is really important to something like ACTION, and how you tell the story and the passion that you have behind it means a lot to everybody that signs on to be part of it.” —Angie Lorts, cardiac intensivist, co-founder of ACTION, and associate chief quality officer of outcomes at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center

Igniting Creativity and Leveraging Failure with Michael Todasco of Paypal

Igniting Creativity

“Storytelling is so critical to the leadership process that we need to understand how it works at a high level, a corporate level, and a lower level, as well for any individual team. Within the innovation lab, everything starts with story.” —Michael Todasco, Senior Director of Innovation at PayPal

Innovation on a Global Scale with the Diplomatic Tech Circle

Innovation on a Global Scale

“There’s been no better time to tell clear stories about science than today. And that is quintessentially the job of the scientist, regardless of their nationality or their location. And we have so many people who are talented at asking questions and they’re talented at answering them in really innovative and unique ways. But if they can’t convey that to the public, if they can’t translate that information or those ideas into a product, then it gets lost.” —Alicia Head of Innovation+ at Swissnex Boston

Empowering Women in Innovation

Empowering Women in Innovation

“Focus on the positive. Maintain your optimism. Get support and play and explore new ways of seeing and being in this world.” —Stacey Schieffelin of Women’s Leadership Live