what to do with an english degree

What To Do with an English Degree | Advice for English Graduate Students

If you’re wondering what to do with an English degree, we are here to offer insights on the incredible careers we’ve established after pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in English, Master’s degrees in English and Doctorate degrees in English from Thomas More College, the University of Cincinnati, and Purdue University. English majors are positioned to work in any sector (public, private, nonprofit, and academic).

English majors are empathetic, perceptive, critical thinkers whose skills and talents can translate into many different roles. To make the most of your English degree, you should first see all the unique skills you’ve cultivated during your studies. Next, you should master the art of sharing those skills with people in diverse industries. Writing case studies about your research and writing is one important way to help employers and clients understand the value you can bring to their organizations.

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If you’re interested in non-academic career paths as an English graduate student, listen in to our conversation. You can also read our article on Why I Quit Academia: https://untoldcontent.com/why-i-quit-academia/.

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