Wordsmith: An Online Writing Course Grammar & Style Refresher For Busy Professionals

Grammar mistakes and miscommunication cost companies hundreds of thousands—even millions—of dollars every year. Wordsmith is a first-of-its-kind writing training program for employees that empowers professionals to improve their writing skills for greater impact and efficiency.

Grammar Matters. Grammar mistakes cost companies millions. Training employees to write better will improve sales and efficiency. Grammar mistakes and miscommunications cost small businesses $420,000 per year on average, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. According to the same study big companies lose an average of $62,000,000 per year due to poor internal communication. A study by BBC News reported that one online business improved sales by 2.5 times just by fixing a grammar mistake on their homepage.

Empower your employees.

Professionals who write with confidence and strength are able to clearly communicate their messages, perform more efficiently and better represent your brand.

Not your average writing training for employees.

Wordsmith equips busy professionals with the knowledge and advice they need to improve writing and communication at work. With powerful, real-world case studies drawn from Untold's work with thought-leading organizations across the globe, Wordsmith provides writing training for employees, empowering them to become confident writers at work and beyond.

Wordsmith trains professionals to:

Write in ways that inspire co-workers and superiors to understand and take action

Transform into dynamic, error-resistant writers, editors, and communicators

Complete writing tasks more efficiently by writing clearly & concisely

Write correctly by learning the most up-to-date grammar rules

Share insights logically and creatively to create the most impact

Incorporate Wordsmith into your Onboarding & Leadership Training Programs:

What's Included?

When users enroll in Wordsmith, they gain lifetime access to 32 professionally-designed video lessons, which are delivered in multiple formats to reach busy professional learners. To bring the concepts to life, we have included 5 dynamic video case studies that feature real-world business examples. We have pulled on our experience working with thought-leading organizations to feature examples that are highly relevant to professional settings across diverse industries.

As a bonus, the course ALSO includes more than 25 pages of downloadable content that allow users to put their learning into action in their professional lives. These downloadables include cheat sheets and writing exercises that users can print and hang in their office. Wordsmith is a truly immersive writing course that sets employees up to succeed in communicating their thoughts correctly, clearly, concisely, and with a respect for their audiences’ perspective.

32 Video Lessons & Professionally-Designed Slides

5 Dynamic Video Case Studies

25+ Pages of Downloadable Content

Certificate of Completion

Takes Approx. 10 Hours to Complete

Lifetime Access to Course Materials!

Wordsmith is a convenient, self-paced online course.

You recruit, manage, and grow busy professionals. Most writing training for employees requires time-consuming travel and inconvenient pre-scheduled time slots to refresh employees' grammar skills and teach business writing. They bore employees to tears while wasting precious time and money. We know. We’ve attended them too.

With Wordsmith, professionals in your organization take control of their learning in the environment that most inspires them. They can revisit the course content whenever they need a refresher. No need to sign up for a specific week to take the course or pay for course travel and expenses. Our PhD writing professors created this course with busy people in mind so that professionals can engage with the insights, exercises, and lessons at the times that work best for them.

What makes Wordsmith different?

  • The course is designed and taught by PhD professors with years of experience consulting and training employees in business settings to improve their writing and communications.
  • Our instructors have a collective 30+ years of experience teaching writing at the university level. We are experts in instructional design and professional writing.
  • Professionals have lifetime access to engaging, highly relevant case studies and examples from actual business settings. Writing training for employees comes to life in cost-effective and memorable, visual ways through our robust library of video, audio, transcripts, slide decks, and downloadables!
  • We built our writing training for employees based on insights from our company’s work with thought-leading organizations in public, private, and non-profit sectors. No matter the industry or profession, professionals gain insight into how writing impacts us all and improves our ability to make a difference.
  • No matter the industry or profession, employees will learn how to use effective professional writing to make a difference.

Wordsmith is an acclaimed writing training for employees that teaches how to write correctly, clearly, concisely, and with an awareness of context and culture across multiple professional settings.

Don't Take Our Word For It:

“This first-of-its-kind course is highly relevant to current business environments. The course is packaged in a way that is easy to navigate, and the lessons build in complexity in a gradual, digestible manner.”Chief Operating Officer at a Silicon Valley Healthcare Company
“Wordsmith features strong, instructional content well delivered. It’s extremely well concepted and designed.”Lance Salyers, Forbes Leadership Contributor, TEDX Public Speaking Coach, and Entrepreneur
“Your people are your brand, and their writing drives your customers’ decisions. This workshop will increase your employees’ and customers’ confidence.”Rob Hart, Head of Research & Development, The Shepherd Chemical Company
“The accessibility of this course is fantastic. I appreciate having the option to listen, read, or watch—it fits into my schedule. The information in Wordsmith is helpful, free of fancy terms, and trustworthy.”Young Professional in the Cincinnati Startup Scene

Who are we, and why should you choose our writing training?

Katie Trauth Taylor, CEO Untold Content

I am Katie Trauth Taylor, CEO of Untold Content. I taught writing for a decade in the nation's top research universities.  As a cheerful word enthusiast, I have achieved over $1M in writing consulting sales for the world's most innovative organizations, publishing hundreds of thought pieces, feature articles, and peer-reviewed publications in collaboration with subject matter experts from Washington D.C. to Palo Alto.

The team of writing consultants who designed Wordsmith with me work everyday to empower professionals from science to technology, arts to manufacturing to strengthen their communication skills and develop messages that drive organizational missions. As featured in iPhone Life, Soapbox, CityBeat and Business News Daily, my team at Untold Content is committed to empowering professionals and creating value through the impact of words.

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In-Person and Virtual Writing Workshops

Is online not the best format for your employees? Do you prefer a personalized experience? We offer white-labeled versions of our business writing and professional grammar courses, as well as in-person or live virtual writing workshops to employee groups of 3 or more. We can even create customized writing courses tailored to your specific, unique needs.

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Don’t worry, if you decide this course isn’t for your company, you’re in the clear—we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s important to us that you are pleased with your purchase and that you get as much as possible out of this course. If you decide your purchase was not the right decision, contact our support team at info@untoldcontent.com and let us know you’d like a refund by the 30th day after purchase.