Alicia Surrao, PhD

Chief Creative Officer

Alicia leads our creative teams in creating, planning, and delivering strategic visions for Untold and our clients. She oversees all creative efforts, including marketing, branding, and design, coming out of Untold. Her unique technical background allows her to deeply and quickly understand our clients’ innovations and dream up ways of using content and visuals to bring complex concepts to life. 

Alicia earned her PhD in Chemistry and Nuclear Forensics at the University of Cincinnati with a joint appointment at Argonne National Laboratory. Her interest in preventing the spread of nuclear weapons led her to study nuclear safeguards and nonproliferation from experts at Brookhaven, Argonne and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Texas A&M, and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency.

Today, she is an active member of the National Association of Science Writers with a passion for scientific and medical illustration, and enjoys the challenge of bridging the gap between scientific and creative worlds.