As a robust team of professional writers, we translate research and innovation into impactful stories.  Our background as university professors prepares us to communicate the insights of thought leaders and industry experts. At Untold, we tell stories of research, innovation, community, and human potential–bringing stories to life.

Our Leadership Team of Professional Writing Consultants

Katie Trauth Taylor

Katie is owner and CEO of Untold Content. She holds a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition from Purdue University with an emphasis on public rhetoric, community engagement, and professional writing. While she contributes to the composition of technical documents (i.e. white paper reports, policies, research articles), she also specializes in human-based research/analysis, literature reviews, case studies, and narrative writing. She has collaborated on a number of peer-reviewed journal articles within the fields of technical communication, composition and rhetoric, systems engineering, and healthcare.
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Technical Writing • Qualitative Research • Writing Consultation

KATIE TRAUTH TAYLOR | OWNER & CEO | katie [at] untoldcontent.com

Alicia Surrao

Alicia is an experienced science writer who earned her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati with a joint appointment at Argonne National Laboratory. Her dissertation focuses primarily on optimizing methods for analyzing nuclear materials for nuclear forensic applications. Her interest in preventing the spread of nuclear weapons led her to study nuclear safeguards and nonproliferation policy from experts at Brookhaven, Argonne and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Texas A&M, and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency. In these situations, Alicia enjoys the challenge of communicating complex technical information using data visualization and contemplating ethical dilemmas through rhetorical analysis. At Untold, Alicia supports the design and development of written and visual deliverables for scientific and technical organizations.
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Technical Writing • Qualitative Research • Writing Consultation

ALICIA SURRAO | SCIENCE WRITING CONSULTANT alicia [at] untoldcontent.com

Dani Clark

Dani is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s degree in English of Literary and Cultural Studies with a Communications and Psychology focus, and a certificate in Service Learning and Civic Engagement. Her experience in peer tutoring, volunteer coordination, and teaching assistance enhances her ability to write and collaborate across disciplines. From academic research papers and project reports to interviewing people from different parts of the world and transcribing letters for hospice patients, her enthusiasm for people and their stories reveals itself in her writing and commitment to travel and community engagement.
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Technical Writing • Qualitative Research • Writing Consultation

DANI CLARK | WRITING CONSULTANT dani [at] untoldcontent.com

S. Mandy Watts

Mandy completed her M.A. in Rhetoric & Composition from Miami University in Oxford Ohio. Her extensive writing and editing portfolio includes several books and articles for peer-reviewed publications in healthcare, technical communications, and cultural studies. As a bluegrass musician performing in and around Cincinnati, Mandy’s multi-genre attention to story, rhythm, audience, and precision enables her to pivot between seemingly disparate creative encounters, all the while benefitting her clients and colleagues with a sharp eye and an ear for a good hook.

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Technical Writing • Qualitative Research • Writing Consultation

S. MANDY WATTS | WRITING CONSULTANT mandy [at] untoldcontent.com

Our Nationwide Team

We attract and vet a nationwide network of writing consultants and subject matter experts to join our integrated project teams. From medical writers and copywriters, to food insecurity researchers and systems engineers, our strength lies in our diversity of perspective and experience. For our clients, we create project teams perfectly suited to organizational needs. We invite writers and subject matter experts to join our network.


We are proud to call Cincinnati home. We believe that knowledge is created to be shared, and that awareness of multiple perspectives catalyzes connection and understanding. We’ve traveled from Palo Alto to Appalachia to conduct research and share insights with our clients and the communities we love.