Today's thought leaders must be strong writers and impactful speakers. Our team of professors and instructional designers host interactive, case study-driven courses and workshop experiences for corporate and organizational teams in pursuit of thought leadership. Whether on-site or online, we challenge and engage your professionals to write for impact, inclusivity, creativity, and efficiency.

Our Signature Business Writing Course

Wordsmith is a first-of-its-kind online writing course that empowers users to improve their writing for greater impact and influence. PhD writing experts and professors from Untold Content created the course with busy professionals in mind so that users can engage with the lessons and exercises at the times that work best for them. When enrolling in this self-paced online business writing course, users gain lifetime access to five highly engaging modules. These learning modules give in-depth insight into how to write with:


Our Free Business Writing Webinar


This FREE online writing webinar teaches you how to write and communicate for greater impact and influence. Learn the 5 levels of effective business writing, including tips for writing more quickly and impactfully in your professional life. You'll walk away from this 1-hour power session with practical tips and mindset shifts that you can use to power-up your professional game.

In-Person or Online Writing Workshops

Untold's professional writing workshops and courses equip busy professionals with the dynamic skills necessary for creating thought-leading content. Our writing experts deliver these workshops in-person or online to your corporate or organizational teams.

Writing with Clarity Workshop

Clarity is about more than grammar rules. It's about making writing choices that improve reader understanding. Learn best practices for making sure your message is crystal clear.

Writing for Context Workshop

Ever find yourself wishing that messages would give you the perfect amount of background information? That you could walk away from business meetings with clear understanding of who needs what by when? Learn the top strategies for building the perfect amount of context into your writing.

Writing Quickly & Efficiently Workshop

Get access to the latest research on how to write purposefully and efficiently in this workshop. From scheduling consistent writing sessions to learning the top concision tips, this workshop will empower you to take the stress out of deliverable deadlines.

Make Your Writing Inclusive

Learn how to make your writing more inclusive by writing with accessibility and diversity in mind. From gender-neutral language to 508 compliance, this workshop prepares you to consider all reader needs when you create deliverables.

Our most popular professional writing workshops and webinars are featured above. But we also provide custom writing workshops and white-label courses that can be delivered in person or virtually. Reach out to share your interests and needs.





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