Strategic Communications Training

The Purpose

Craft strategic messages that resonate.

You have a passion for the work you’re doing and a vision for the future. Your team has built a long-term and short-term strategy to get you there. But when it comes time to share that vision and communicate your strategy, your audience just doesn’t get it. Building an effective strategic communications plan and the messaging that resonates takes a well-designed approach and audience analysis. We will equip you with storytelling strategies to increase stakeholder buy-in for data-driven, evidence-supported programming and messaging. 

Strategic Communications Training
Strategic Communications Training

The Experience

Understand your audience and craft compelling messages.

  • Communicate the mission and priorities of the organization in clear and concise ways
  • Identify audience needs and priorities to craft impactful messages
  • Craft rhetorically effective messages that are clear, concise, and actionable
  • Frame communications to meet targeted audiences’ expectations and needs
  • Guide conversations to communicate organizational priorities. 

The Ideal User

Effectively communicate your organization's message.

Executive leaders, managers, and any professional tasked with upholding key messages for an organization. Our training will empower you to effectively communicate the mission and priorities of the organization.

Strategic Communications Training
Strategic Communications Training

The Impact

Combat bias, evoke empathy, and leverage evidence.

This training provides the skills participants need to target the right audiences with the right message, through the right mediums. Explore the ways you can combat bias, use empathy, and select evidence to craft messaging that sticks.