The Purpose

Translate complex subject matter into clear, concise, & engaging content.

Scientists and researchers are experts in discovery and innovation. But, when it’s time to share those findings and insights, they struggle to bring their research to life to those outside of their field. This course provides research professionals with the tools they need to create engaging, clear, and compelling evidence-based content for reports, presentations, and articles. Empower your researchers to effectively communicate across disciplines and expertise levels.

Science Writing Training
Science Writing Training

The Experience

An Interactive Science Writing Course

This Scientific Writing course empowers your research teams to become more confident writers-especially when talking with non-experts. Our virtual and in-person Scientific Writing course offers strategies and best practices in writing with clarity, impact, and communicating data. Untold delivers this Scientific Writing course as an individual or team self-paced virtual experience, a facilitated virtual team experience, and an in-person facilitated team experience. Choose the approach that best suits you and your organization.

The Ideal User

Calling all experts!

In today’s content-saturated world, the ability to craft engaging, evidence-based content is a must-have skill set for all scientists and science communicators. Researchers, data analysts, engineers, technical and R&D team members, coders, clinicians, scientists, managers, executive leaders, and all other high-growth professionals expected to produce evidence-based scientific content should enroll in this training.

Innovation Storytelling Training
Science Writing Training

The Impact

Increase confidence, creativity, and the rate of innovation.

This training provides your research team with techniques and strategies to craft scientific narratives that convey impact to non-technical audiences. You’ll learn to create and organize content that engages readers and fosters understandings. As a result, your team will be empowered to communicate their insights in a manner that builds a shared vision for their audiences and your organization.