From garage gurus to surprising aha! moments—there’s more than one way to tell an innovation story. Untold Content's new Innovation Storytelling Training delivers top strategies for gaining internal buy-in and external understanding of new product developments, process improvements, and stretch visions of the future. Discover over 25 epic examples of effective innovation storytelling. Refine how you amplify your products, services, and ideas—gaining personal feedback alongside best practice strategies from our team of innovation storytellers during this full-day, in-person experience.


What is Innovation Storytelling Training?

Product engineers, new business developers, coders, scientists, makers, and ecosystem builders are tasked with envisioning the future and activating others around their visions. They must get internal and external buy-in for disruptive ideas, concepts, and prototypes. But let’s be honest: this work is tough. Innovators are thick-skinned. Why? Because we pour our passion into powerful, atypical ideas only to hear the words, “No" or "Not now." Makers must constantly exercise resilience.

But what if we could provide our innovation teams with strategies to more effectively pitch ideas, prototypes, and strategies? What if our top innovators could get more buy-in (and less frustration) by telling the stories of their innovations in more compelling, aligned, audience-centric ways?

Untold Content's Innovation Storytelling Training is an immersive, full-day experience built upon our team's decades in the field crafting innovation stories with researchers and innovators across sectors. We designed the training around case stories from our work, 25+ industry-leading epic examples, and our exclusive interviews with 20+ leaders in R&D and innovation. The frameworks, heuristics, and resources shared in this training are evidence-based tools that Untold's creative teams use to empower innovators to get rapid buy-in for their ideas.

Innovation teams, R&D units, scaling startups, and economic development professionals who have participated in this experience show greater confidence and creativity in communicating their ideas and prototypes. Most importantly, attendees experience increased buy-in and faster innovation cycles.

Effective innovation storytelling can speed up your stage-gate process, resulting in better agility and improved capacity. It means your organization ideates and validates concepts faster. And feels more inspired doing so. Our prediction is that innovation storytelling will grow more visible and important to stage-gate processes and sprint methodologies in 2020 and beyond. Explore its drivers and discover practical ways to leverage it among your innovation teams by reaching out to us for innovation storytelling training.

What's Included In The Training

  • Intro to Innovation Storytelling
  • Deep Dive into 5 Drivers
  • Leverage the Impact-Evidence Quotient
  • Feedback on Your Innovation Stories
  • Map Evidence to Audience Personas
  • Innovation Storytelling Workbook
  • 25+ Epic Examples
  • Feedback on Your Innovation Stories (1)

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