Innovation Storytelling Training


Innovation Storytelling Training Self-Paced

Self-Paced Course For Individuals

Get immediate access to video lessons, epic examples, and storytelling techniques and templates.

Virtual Training For Teams

Get Innovation Storytelling Training for your team! Pair the self-paced Innovation Storytelling Training with our 3-part live, virtual workshop. 

Innovation Storytelling Training facilitated

Custom Training For Enterprises

Get custom Innovation Storytelling Training for your employees.


Designed for Research & Development, MarComs, Innovation Teams, Managers, and Leaders


The Purpose

Increase buy-in for your best ideas.

Built on insights from interviews with 100 innovation leaders, Untold’s Virtual Innovation Storytelling Training empowers participants to leverage the art and science of innovation storytelling. Stories hold the power to make or break innovation efforts. This immersive virtual training prepares innovators to create impactful stories that generate buy-in, increase motivation, and speed-up the innovation process.

Innovation Storytelling Training
Innovation Storytelling Training

The Experience

Immersive, interactive, story-driven experience

This virtual training brings innovation storytelling to life with 25+ epic examples and interactive opportunities to refine and get feedback on innovation stories—whether for new product developments, disruptive technologies, process improvements, or stretch visions of the future. 

Plus you will have access to a library of 30+ tools within our innovation storytelling toolkit that you can use while crafting your next innovation story. 

You can also level-up your experience by signing up your team for our online, facilitated innovation storytelling training. Here, our PhD-level innovation storytellers facilitate the training experience and provide participants with individualized feedback on their stories.

The Ideal User

Crafted for Innovators and Innovation Leaders

Product designers, engineers, scientists, nurses—everyone is responsible for innovation. This training experience is designed for those who push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Learn to harness the power of stories to get more buy-in and faster innovation processes. This training experience produces more confidence. More creativity. More collaboration. And most importantly, more buy-in.

Innovation Storytelling Training
Innovation Storytelling Training

The Impact

Increase confidence, creativity, and rate of innovation

Effective innovation storytelling can speed up your stage-gate process. That means better agility. Opened capacity. It means your organization ideates and validates concepts faster. And feels more inspired in the process. Our prediction: Innovation storytelling will grow more visible and important to stage-gate processes and sprint methodologies.