The Purpose

Build engaging, data-driven stories.

Even cold hard data tells a story. But many professionals responsible for managing and reporting data-driven insights struggle to deliver those insights in clear, engaging, and actionable ways.

Data storytelling training

The Experience

Reveal the story in the data.

Our virtual and in-person training experiences explore best practices in data visualization and data storytelling to empower professionals to elevate how they share, visualize, and drive decisions with data. Untold delivers this Data Storytelling Training experience as an individual or team self-paced virtual experience, a facilitated virtual team experience, and an in-person facilitated team experience. Choose the approach that best suits you and your organization.

The Ideal User

Grow today’s must-have skill set.

In today’s data-saturated world, data storytelling is a must-have skill set across many verticals and functional areas. Researchers, data analysts, engineers, technical and R&D team members, coders, clinicians, scientists, managers, executive leaders, and all other high-growth professionals expected to communicate data-driven insights should enroll in this training.

Data storytelling training

The Impact

Drive action through the power of clear data storytelling.

  • Increase understanding of your data and insights
  • Humanize the impacts of your data to increase empathy & engagement
  • Convey nuance by perfecting the story surrounding your data
  • Get inspired by epic examples of data visualization and data storytelling