Annual Report Templates

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Does your company’s annual report need a design refresh? Are you having trouble telling a consistent story from the opening letter, to the financial overview, to future projections? An effective annual report describes your previous year’s performance in a story-driven and highly-visual format, so shareholders, customers, and other key stakeholders can quickly and easily learn about your company’s big wins of the year.


We know narrative makes up 61% of the average annual report, according to a recent Deloitte study. Even more interesting is that storytelling has become increasingly more important to an annual report overtime. The average annual report was 43% narrative and 57% financial statements twenty years ago, and we have seen this first-hand in work as an innovation storytelling firm. We have worked closely with innovative organizations to create annual reports that capture their operational and financial year at-a-glance in a way that energizes stakeholders and customers about the bigger picture.


Our Annual Report Templates are professionally designed and fully customizable. Both templates feature step-by-step writing guidance from our team of expert writers and content strategists. Simply follow the writing advice for each section to create a powerful narrative that at the same time provides all the important information your audience expects and achieves a sleek, modern look. 


Ready to give your company’s annual report the overhaul it desperately needs without spending hours researching best practices, designing your own document, and structuring your content? Our Annual Report Templates are just what you need! 


●     Two Annual Report Templates
●     Detailed writing and storytelling advice for each section
●    Fully customizable designs
●     Eight pages per Annual Report Template
●     Simple to use

Files Included

●     2 total template designs
●     3 applications supported
●     1 Microsoft Word version
●     1 PowerPoint version
●     1 Google Slides version
  • Application Supported
    Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Google Slides
  • Orientation
  • Dimensions
    8(w) x 11(h) in

Annual Report Templates

Annual Report Templates