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Case Study: Wyoming Department of Health Strategic Communications Training


The Wyoming Department of Health promotes, protects, and enhances the health of all Wyoming citizens. The Wyoming Department of Health Prevention Program team members were seeking strategies to effectively communicate need and impact to leadership, legislative bodies, and the general public. Untold Content’s 1-day training focused on persona mapping, creating empathy, steering conversations, and crafting impactful messaging. 


  • Equip the Wyoming Department of Health’s teams with the tools to effectively communicate the need and impact of prevention programs with internal and external stakeholders, including organizational leadership, legislature, and the general public.


  • 1-day workshop on strategic communication with Prevention Program Teams.
  • Training explored key components of strategic communication: Audience Awareness, Empathy, Bias, Alignment, Framing Conversations and Messaging.
  • Workshop activities included persona mapping, delivery practice, review of “epic examples” and feedback on past and present conversations with audiences. 


  • 100% of participants either strongly agreed or agreed that the training increased creative and strategic communication, and 100% believed it increased their awareness of the role of empathy in the communication process. The teams requested additional training that brings together additional divisions and program managers. 


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