Rereading Appalachia: Literacy, Place, and Cultural Resistance


Appalachia faces overwhelming challenges that plague many rural areas across the country, including poorly funded schools, stagnant economic development, corrupt political systems, poverty, and drug abuse. Its citizens, in turn, have often been the target of unkind characterizations depicting them as illiterate or backward. Despite entrenched social and economic disadvantages, the region is also known for its strong sense of culture, language, and community.

Attuned Advocacy: Rhetorics of Engagement in Urban Appalachia

Naming Affrilachia

Findings trace an increase in inclusivity and diversity in Appalachian advocacy from the 1960s to the 2010s; the empowering relationship between an organization’s public rhetorics and its individual community members’ attitudes toward their cultural identities; and the role arts movements play in building community and challenging cultural stereotypes.