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Elevator Pitch Template

Elevator pitches are short introductory speeches you can say when meeting a new client lead or colleague. Their purpose is to deliver in one, short, impactful paragraph the key things that make you who you are and that drive what you do. We hope this elevator pitch template helps you share your expertise with the people you most hope to serve.

I’m [Insert Your Name], and I am a [Insert Your Position or Job Type, i.e. writer, technical writer, systems engineer] in the field of [Insert Name of Your Field]. I currently [State 1-2 compelling aspects of what you do] at [Insert Name of Your Current Company/Organizational Affiliation]. We offer [State 2-3 interesting and relevant services you or your company provide]. For the past [Insert years of experience] years, I have had the pleasure of [Mention related work you’ve completed, like a similar project or job history]. [INSERT A CONCLUSION: We recommend asking a question to the person you’re talking with in order to spur more conversation. Ask them about their needs, or what they do.]

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    I’m glad to have come across your website. I’m in the process of revamping my company capability statement, and I want it to have a ‘wow’ factor. As a very small business federal contractor, I’m always looking for that one contract opportunity that will take me from very small to small :-). I’m hoping an updated capability document will afford me more than a glance or two from a government purchaser or a contracting officer when I present them w/ my information.

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