From Product-Market Fit to Message-Market Fit

By: Elena Kalodner-Martin and Kendall Leon

Your company has great products. They’re thoroughly researched, designed, and tested. You’ve come up with a catchy pitch and your sales are good, but you’re still looking for new and innovative ways to connect with your client base and boost your reach.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve probably been focused on crafting product-market fit, which happens when your company identifies a gap in the market and creates a solution that customers want to buy. Crafting product-market fit has been identified as a stepping stone to company growth by helping to garner early support, gauge interest, and generate feedback.

However, product-market fit is all about the product, not your company. It’s an important first step in developing a successful business model, but it leaves room for development. That’s where message-market fit comes in.


What is message-market fit?

Message-market fit expresses the uniqueness of your company in a way that resonates with your audience’s goals and values. The best messaging incorporates three key insights:

  • Value: What’s in it for the buyer? Which problem do you solve?
  • Uniqueness: What do you bring to the table that only your company can deliver? Why are you uniquely qualified to address your customers’ needs?
  • Perspective: What values do you hold? What do you believe in? How do these align with the work that your company does or the products that you offer?


message market fit


How do I create message-market fit?

Message-market fit is about connecting with your target customers and understanding where they are coming from, including their values, pain points, and social context. Instead of starting with a product and figuring out how to pitch it to your customers, achieving message-market fit begins by figuring out what the customer wants and then creating a strategic communication plan to effectively meet their needs. This means that message-market fit is developed collaboratively with your team and your target audience. 


Why is message-market fit so important?

Strong messaging doesn’t just help you respond, it helps you lead. When you use a messaging strategy that is intuitive with your customers, your advertising has more reach, performs better, and leads to a more seamless business experience. Getting the product down is important, but perfecting the messaging is key: it helps connect you (and keep you connected) to the people who matter most.

With good message-market fit, it’s not just helpful for your company: it’s good for your customers. While you’re generating demand for your product and services, your customers will see the commitment that you have to meeting their needs and desires. This generates authenticity and credibility for your company with your customer base.

Untold Content helps you get your messaging right. We amplify innovative work by building robust communication plans and content strategy. By learning more about your business and your goals, we help companies develop and achieve message-market fit with their target audiences.

We’d love to connect. Set up a time to meet our team so we can learn more about your messaging needs!


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