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From creating today’s latest innovations to managing your project teams, you don’t always have time to write brilliant copy and communicate your knowledge. We are a team of expert writers with advanced degrees in Rhetoric and Writing. We love words and think critically and creatively about their impact. So you spend time on innovation, and we spend time on content development.


Research Writing

  • Books & Book Chapters
  • Peer-Reviewed Articles
  • Literature Reviews
  • Grant Proposals
  • Qualitative Analyses

Technical Writing

  • White Papers
  • Recommendation Reports
  • User Guides & Info Sheets
  • Brochures & Infographics
  • Case Studies

Content Marketing

  • Content Strategy
  • Strategic Communications
  • Marketing Materials
  • Blog Posts & Social Media
  • Articles & Press Releases
  • Large Systems Transformation within Healthcare Organizations Utilizing Lean Deployment Strategies
  • Rereading Appalachia
  • VA's Lean Healthcare Transformation: Innovating the Veteran Patient Experience
  • Ethics of Activism
  • Deploying an Enterprise-Wide Quality Strategy within VHA: Challenges and Successes
  • Appalachia Revisited
  • Composing with Community Organizations
  • Veteran Appeals Experience
  • Attuned Advocacy
  • Naming Affrilachia


We bring knowledge to life in ways that inform, engage, and inspire. By articulating industry innovations, best practices, and stories of community and human potential, our writing creates lasting impacts.



    “We have been working with Untold Content for several years. The more work they do, the more impressed we are with their deliverables. Their work ethic and products are exceptional. They are easy to work with and proactively engage me and my staff with additional ideas or insight we might not have otherwise considered.”Client for Government Research Reports and Peer-Reviewed Publications


    “The Untold team is very personable and truly present when working on a deliverable. They dig in and basically become a Subject Matter Expert in what we are working on. I am in awe of how they can take a few polished bullet points and transform it into something even better. The limitations of the written word seemingly evade them. I would highly recommend their services.”Client for Internal White Papers


    “We are in the process of publishing our research findings and again Untold’s efforts have been invaluable. They were able to research journals that would be a good target audience for publication. They performed a literature review and are working on writing and revising a journal article. They are a tremendous asset to our integrated project team.”Client for Peer-Reviewed Publications in Medicine


    “Untold Content has been instrumental to the completion of our workforce assessment report. They participated in weekly phone calls to collaborate on this project. They were able to perform a large portion of the data analysis using NVivo 10, saving us valuable time. They also were able to interpret the raw data and formulate the findings for our final report. They were able to take our information and improve upon it and their efforts were key to the success of this project.”Client for Qualitative Analysis and Research Reports


    “Their knowledge of the use of high quality graphic design and photos adds to the presentation and effectiveness of our materials. I can’t thank them enough for their patience as we go through the several revisions to get this right, as we try to hone in on the content needed from our end, and for their timely and efficient turnarounds on the drafts.”Client for Organizational Change Brochures and Infographic Posters


    “Untold’s writers turn our initial drafts into professional, streamlined products. Their command of the English language and ability to understand the perspectives of both the presenters and audience is a honed talent of which we are fortunate beneficiaries. Our training material is much more effective after Untold’s astute contributions.”Client for Public Speeches


    “So, after all these years with [this organization] – the part that made me want to cry? I did not find one freaking typo in either document. Not one misspelling. Not one grammatical screw-up; every subject agreed with its respective verb, there were no dangling modifiers, not an orphaned adjective in the bunch, and all tenses matched. Even the pesky ‘Oxford-comma-rule’ conditions were consistent. It was truly one of the happiest moments of my entire life.”Client for White Papers and User Guides


    “TTC is phenomenal! They turned our project into a masterpiece. They learned about our project quickly and made a contribution immediately. They completed almost all of our necessary NVivo analysis, always presenting it in a professional manner. I can’t express appreciation for their talent and expertise enough.”Client for Qualitative Analysis and Research Report


    “Their expertise in taking the necessary content for the marketing materials and re-writing the content within the parameters we have to work with has been incredibly valuable. They write clear, informative material while keeping in mind educational level requirements, 508 compliance, limited space available on the mediums, technical terminology and more.”Client for Educational Curricula and Presentations


We support our clients at all phases of the writing process. Whether the seed of a project is germinating or a solid draft is already underway, we serve as your trusted writing partner. 




Content Strategy
Alignment is key to successful organizational storytelling. Before we create content, it’s essential that we align our content development efforts with your organizational goals. We develop content strategies that identify the purposes, goals, tactics, audiences, platforms, and storytelling techniques that reflect your brand identity and support your strategic goals.

Script Writing & Content Creation
Building on our strategic approach to content, we write website copy, video scripts, journal articles, press releases, speeches, blog posts, email and social media that articulate a clear and cohesive identity for your organization. Our background in qualitative research prepares us to gather perspectives from a wide variety of sources, identify themes and connections, and build evidence-based stories that inform, engage and inspire.

Commercial Film Production
Our collaborative partner in cinematic organizational storytelling is renowned Barking Squirrel Media, LLC. There is an authenticity to our cinematic approach that awakens the hearts and minds of audiences to the importance of your organization’s message. Our creative team of expert producers, directors, and cinematographers use groundbreaking RED Cinema 5K Cameras and cinematic lighting to capture visually stunning and emotionally compelling films. From site-scouting and storyboarding to filming and editing, we manage every aspect of film production. As specialists in the psychology of messaging, movement and speech, we help you convey the authenticity of your story through inspiring cinematic experiences.

Content Delivery & Analytics
To ensure your content is viewed by your key audiences, we create and manage email marketing, social media, and influencer marketing campaigns that follow SEO best practices to optimize your content and get it in front of the right viewers. Utilizing Google Analytics as well as social media data, we track our content’s impacts on your website traffic, conversions, social media impressions and engagement.

Content Strategy Session 
We host a content strategy session with your team to identify your organization’s brand “chemistry,” target customers, and the content that will represent your brand. Through interactive exercises, we inspire your team to think creatively and strategically about your brand and its messaging. We provide recommendations for the content we think will tell your organization’s story and drive successful interactions with your brand.

SEO Keyword Research
Behind every great content strategy is a research-based understanding of the keywords that your customers will use to find your products and services. We provide a comprehensive overview of the keywords that you should incorporate into your content so that you rank higher–and more accurately–on Google.

Content Audit 
How impactful are your current marketing efforts, website content and social media? We review all of your content and provide you with a thorough assessment of your website pages, blog posts and social media posts (up to 10 pages total). Giving you a bird’s eye view of your content terrain,  we show you what’s working well and what could be improved. Most importantly, we conclude our audit with recommendations for enhancing current content or writing new content that will help you engage and inform your target audiences.

Comprehensive Content Strategy 
A documented content strategy is key to successful, sustained engagement with your key audiences. We start with a Content Strategy Session and SEO Keyword Research and then create a documented content strategy that serves as your team’s one-stop resource when writing marketing materials, email campaigns, white papers, blog posts, and social media. Your Content Strategy will feature your Brand Chemistry, Brand Board, Social Media Cheat Sheet with key hashtags and handles that will help you connect with the right customers and partners, and Content Mission Statement.

Website Content Development
We write the content that tells your brand’s story and inspires website visitors to work with and buy from your organization. If you want to give new life to a current page on your site or build a new page from scratch, this is a great choice for you. We always collaborate with you before writing to make sure we bring your vision to life, and we always wrap up by revising the webpage until it wows you.

Full Website Content Development
Our full website content development package is a steal–including up to 5 pages (such as Home, About Us, Why Work With Us, Services, Contact, etc.) that engage, inform and inspire visitors to convert into customers. We start with a strategic session where we creatively think through your vision for the site. We read all your current literature, including promotional materials, pitches and presentations to inform ourselves of your capabilities and past performance. Then we create gorgeous content that captivates readers and articulates your mission. We revise all content with you until you love it and it goes live, working with your web designer along the way to ensure our words fit with your vision.

Hourly Content Development 
If you don’t have time, resources or expertise to consistently create engaging content for your key audiences, we do it for you. Our monthly content creation + circulation retainer packages take the burden of writing off your shoulders. Inspired by brief weekly huddles with your team, we write website content, blog posts, social media, white papers, infographics, newsletters and email marketing campaigns–all aligned to your strategic vision and comprehensive content strategy. Choose the writing package that fits your budget and let us create monthly writing goals that transform your strategy into a reality. We do writing. You don’t worry.

Capability Statement Creation
Based on a strategic meeting with your team and a review of your website and promotional materials, we write and design a one-page capability statement that helps you capture business with the government and prime government vendors.

Public Sector Market Analysis Report
Get a comprehensive overview of the government agencies that are spending the most money on the types of products and services you provide. Gain clear recommendations about the prime government vendors who are winning the most awards so that you can either compete fairly or partner wisely.

Past Performance Narrative
Every solicitation you respond to will require you to provide a narrative about your past experience providing services or products to the government. We create a robust past performance narrative for each unique project/contract your company has performed for the government (up to 10 pages). As you identify specific RFPs/RFQs you want to bid on, this narrative can be adapted and you can choose the most relevant experience to highlight for that particular opportunity.

Proposal Writing
Strong proposals are key to success in winning government contracts. We fully research the government solicitation you want to apply for and build a winning proposal that clearly articulates your company’s ability to meet RFP/RFQ requirements. Our specialty is in crafting technical capability statements and narratives that show your competencies and make you stand out from the competition.

Grant Research Services

If you need research and strategic support to kickoff or enhance your grant strategy, we provide the following services:

  • Complete a comprehensive review of your organization’s grant materials/literature and gain a deep understanding of your purpose and the programs that need funding
  • Research grant opportunities at the local, city, state, and federal levels
  • Provide recommendations for grant opportunities that include the grant history, application timelines, proposal requirements, timing of grant schedule, awarding history, and submission deadlines
  • Write assessment of each grant and why we recommend it for your organization
  • Develop monthly strategy and schedule for applying to the most ideal grants

Grant Writing Packages

If you need writing support for grant proposals, we provide the following services:

  • Collaborate with an organization’s team to review materials, previous grants, and goals for grant funding
  • Provide guidance and determine the most appropriate grant to pursue for funding
  • Support program design and development
  • Develop an organizational narrative that embodies your mission and specific funding needs to be applied to grant applications (if needed)
  • Write Letter(s) of Inquiry
  • Craft content for both general and specific grant application requirements depending on the selected grant