Screenshot of 10 Min Tech Comm Podcast

Creating COVID-19 Infographics | 10 Minute Tech Comm

We share a lot about our podcast, Untold Stories of Innovation—it is our pride and joy after all. It’s always exciting when we get to connect with innovative folks and participate in other amazing podcasts out there! We’re looking at you, 10 Minute Tech Comm!

Screenshot of 10 Min Tech Comm Podcast

Our very own podcast host and CEO, Kathryn (Katie) Trauth Taylor, PhD, had a great conversation with Ryan Weber from The University of Alabama in Huntsville about all things technical communication. Katie talks details about the data-visualization work and social media content we’ve done with Angela Lorts and the ACTION Learning Network in light of COVID19. Together, they go deep into what makes technical writers’ work so meaningful: we can make information accessible by sharing it in a way everyone can understand.

Check out some of the materials we created with ACTION here:

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