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Innovation on a Global Scale

Innovation on a Global Scale with the Diplomatic Tech Circle

“There’s been no better time to tell clear stories about science than today. And that is quintessentially the job of the scientist, regardless of their nationality or their location. And we have so many people who are talented at asking questions and they’re talented at answering them in really innovative and unique ways. But if they can’t convey that to the public, if they can’t translate that information or those ideas into a product, then it gets lost.” —Alicia Head of Innovation+ at Swissnex Boston

Harnessing Curiosity

Harnessing Curiosity + Creativity with Duncan Wardle of Disney

“Take your audience on a walk. Bring them out from behind the table and walk with them from one storyboard to the next and listen to their feedback. Instead of being reductionist and shooting your ideas down, they will build on your work as you go because when you walk with someone, you turn your presentation into a conversation. People will think expansively with you. They will build on your work as you go.” —Duncan Wardle, the former V.P. of innovation and creativity at the Walt Disney Company


How To Write a CV (Plus Word CV Templates!)

A CV is a professional document used to showcase a job seeker’s accomplishments and career expertise. Like a resume, a CV allows you to demonstrate to a prospective employer that you