Uncovering the World of AI with Michael Kanaan

“Numbers and language and storytelling are inextricably linked. They’re very similar topics— kind of a chicken and the egg problem, which one came first? But I think they come together.” Michael Kanaan, author

Innovation in Gaming with Maria McLane

Innovation in Gaming with maria mclane

“A novice or someone in an adjacent field oftentimes has the better perspective because they’re not so immersed in the day to day details and they can look at the bigger picture.” -Maria McLane, innovation project manager at the US Playing Card Company

Rejuvenating Innovation Visionaries with Gary Gray

Rejuvenating innovation visionaries

“Sharing stories of the past and how great products were created helps inspire people to know and believe that they can do it too, that most of our innovations didn’t come from the top down. They came from the bottom up. It’s empowering. It motivates people to come to work because then everybody realizes they can make a difference.” – Gary Gray, vice president of Racing, Technology and Service for Indian Motorcycle Company, Slingshot, Polaris

Inspiring Insight-Driven Innovation with Sue Baggott

Insight-Driven Innovation

“It’s all about being super curious about the people that you’re serving. Deeply understanding their needs, what their current reality is, what the future experience could or could be, and then using that to set your innovation direction or your design direction.” – Sue Baggott, Strategic Innovation Consultant

Celebrating Diversity Through Story with Chelsie Walter of Women of Cincy

Celebrating Diversity

“There is power and strength in diversity. Diversity of race and background, age, gender and all these things that people come to the table with as themselves. They bring their whole selves to the table. It’s not just one aspect of them. And we need to figure out, as a city, as a society, as a country: how do we celebrate all the things people are bringing to the table and listen to everybody’s lived experiences? Because that’s how we create better solutions.” -Chelsie Walter, executive director and co-founder of Women of Cincy

Motivating the Innovator with Jim Rekoske of Ecolab


“Storytelling is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of how we have to drive innovations to success. If it’s not commercially successful, the innovation is just an idea. Making ideas commercially successful is really the spirit of innovation, and that innovation doesn’t happen if you can’t convey quickly and easily to those who will use your innovation, what it’s good for, what it works for, what problem it solves, and why it’s the right solution.” – Jim Rekoske, senior vice president of research, development and engineering at Ecolab