Population Health in Global Crises with Dan Lord of Crossover Health

Population Health

“People don’t react to just numbers on a page. The only way that comes to life is if we can tell the story around it—tell the actual patient experience with interfacing with our health care. When you have that type of a message and that type of a story, people absolutely jump on board. That’s how you can create change.” —Dan Lord, Director of Clinical Programs at Crossover Health

Black Lives Matter to Innovation

black lives matter

In this special episode of Untold Stories of Innovation, we wanted to highlight the voices of Black innovators. This sizzle reel features quotes from previous interviewees who share the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion to innovation. We believe it’s important to amplify Black voices in innovation and to increase the amount of venture capital granted to innovators of color. Once you hear these highlights, we encourage you to listen to each interviewee’s full episode to get the full context of their innovative work.

How to Write a Capability Statement

Capability Statement

Propel your small business’ public sector growth and land dream federal contracts with a Capability Statement that showcases your company’s capabilities.

Research Consent Form Template

Research consent form

If you are conducting interviews, making observations, or hosting focus groups as part of a research study or communications strategy, you must obtain written consent from people whose words you’d like to publish. Even if you create a fake name or pseudonym for the person you are quoting, you still need their permission to do […]

Composing in Film

The weekend of Oct. 3-Oct.5th, 2009 was incredibly draining, fun, and fulfilling.  Fellow English graduate student, Heather Trahan, and I created the following video in response to readings in our Topics in Composition course: