Composing in Film

The weekend of Oct. 3-Oct.5th, 2009 was incredibly draining, fun, and fulfilling.  Fellow English graduate student, Heather Trahan, and I created the following video in response to readings in our Topics in Composition course:

“A Composition in Film”:

Bloopers Reel:

Inspired by Janet Emig’s book, “The Web of Meaning.”    Our aim:  to embody competing approaches to composing through language and film.  Accepted to the 2010 CCCC Computer Connection.
The Web of Meaning by Janet Emig
The Web of Meaning by Janet Emig

Works Cited:
Emig, Janet. The Web of Meaning: Essays on Writing, Teaching, Learning, and Thinking. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook, 1983.

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