Untold Announces Launch of Narratize, an AI-Powered Storytelling Platform

Untold Content Launches AI Writing Tool for Innovators

Untold Content, an innovative company specializing in telling stories that are hard to tell and highly technical and scientific in nature, today announced the launch of Narratize, an AI-powered storytelling platform that drives innovation success by transforming scientific, technical, and medical insights into compelling stories, fast.

Narratize was created by experts at Untold Content to help busy innovators to connect, communicate, and innovate through the power of story.


Untold Launches Narratize AI Powered Storytelling Platform


AI Purpose-Built for Scientific, Technical, and Medical Subject Matter

“We’re excited to launch Narratize, a platform that helps innovators quickly and accurately create long-form B2B content in minutes, with scientific, tech, or medical insights appearing in every sentence,” said Katie Taylor, CEO. “Narratize is the result of 10+ years of experience in storytelling and our vision to create a dynamic platform combining our proprietary algorithms, frameworks, and datasets and the best technology has to offer.”

Narratize provides users with the ability to gain a 60X ROI on time spent writing, get unlimited access to a growing use case library and industry-specific styles, and create stories that stick with proven corporate story patterns.

“We’re confident that Narratize will help bring stories to life, so that innovators can have the freedom to focus on what matters most – creating the next big thing,” said Catherine O’Shea, COO.

Narratize is now available for innovators to purchase with a 14-day free trial. For more information about Narratize, visit www.narratize.com.


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