Dancing with Robots with Merritt Moore, Ballerina, Physicist, and Aspiring Astronaut

Dancing with Innovation Merritt Moore

“You can be creative, you can be artistic, you can want to discover, it’s not scary. You can do whatever you want. But just trying to… I think by creating it, offering a different image than wanting to be there, it allows people’s imagination to then be like, maybe I can have a robot soccer player or like, you know, if it’s dancing to Bruno Mars, then maybe this robot can do other things.” – Merritt Moore, ballerina, physicist, and aspiring astronaut

Exploring The Future of R&D with Lee Green of IRI

Exploring the Future of R&D

Exploring The Future of R&D – Untold Stories of Innovation SHARE Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter “Hearing other people’s input is really valuable and learning from those who have gone before you, but also learning from people who are relatively new to a field, and have a different background than you. And […]

Innovators Must Be Powerful Storytellers


Featured in Research-Technology Management: Innovators need practical strategies to communicate discoveries, failures, progress, and opportunities effectively.

Alicia Surrao

Alicia Surrao Untold Content

Alicia Surrao oversees all creative efforts Untold and our clients, pairing her technical background (PhD Chemist) and creative eye for design to bring complicated concepts to life.