Alicia Surrao, PhD

Alicia Surrao

Alicia Surrao oversees all creative efforts Untold and our clients, pairing her technical background (PhD Chemist) and creative eye for design to bring complicated concepts to life.

Leading Women in Technology with Laura Marino

Women in technology

“For the leaders that are trying to promote innovation, to encourage a team to do something that may be difficult and new and hard. I think you need to show passion. You need to show empathy. You need to tell the story of why this is important, why there is going to be impact, and then you need to make the team feel that they are empowered but supported.” – Laura Marino

How to Write A Strong Resume

Write a strong resume

Learn the 5 key elements of a strong resume + learn about our resume temapltes, 1-hour resume consultation, and Resumes that Wow training

Breaking Boundaries with Cybersecurity – Yan Shoshitaishvili


“The innovator needs to align the mission and show how this can move forward. You need to either have an institution or an organization that will meet you in the middle or you need to make that place within your organization.” – Yan Shoshitaishvili, assistant professor at Arizona State University

Innovation on a Global Scale with the Diplomatic Tech Circle

Innovation on a Global Scale

“There’s been no better time to tell clear stories about science than today. And that is quintessentially the job of the scientist, regardless of their nationality or their location. And we have so many people who are talented at asking questions and they’re talented at answering them in really innovative and unique ways. But if they can’t convey that to the public, if they can’t translate that information or those ideas into a product, then it gets lost.” —Alicia Head of Innovation+ at Swissnex Boston

Content Strategy For Small Business Mobile App

Instructional Design consulting e learning course development

Our content strategy sessions with BidView led us to the idea that government procurement often feels like a dense wilderness to small business owners–especially those hoping to get started for the first time.