Exploring The Future of R&D with Lee Green of IRI

Exploring the Future of R&D

Exploring The Future of R&D – Untold Stories of Innovation SHARE Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter “Hearing other people’s input is really valuable and learning from those who have gone before you, but also learning from people who are relatively new to a field, and have a different background than you. And […]

Alicia Surrao, PhD

Alicia Surrao Untold Content

Alicia Surrao oversees all creative efforts Untold and our clients, pairing her technical background (PhD Chemist) and creative eye for design to bring complicated concepts to life.

CV Templates

CV Templates

Build your credibility for professionals in the Sciences and the Humanities — featuring unique designs plus clear guidance on the most important information to feature in your discipline.

Unifying Innovation Culture Through Failure with Dan Ward

Unifying Innovation Culture Through Failure

“It is important that the things we’re trying are hard enough, that some of them won’t work out. That’s a sign that we’re on the right track. Whereas if everything we attempt succeeds, then we’re probably aiming too low.” Dan Ward, MITRE Corporation