Wordsmith Q&A: The Five Levels of Effective Business Writing

“This course is a beautiful blending of case study examples that are drawn from public sectors, including government client perspectives, corporate, scientific technical, and nonprofit industries.” – Katie Trauth Taylor, PhD

Our Wordsmith Q&A Series is here to answer your most pressing writing questions, including how you can improve writing skills and why they matter. This third segment of our Q&A showcases our 5 levels of successful business writing, broken down into  32 lessons with corresponding dynamic case studies, which were filmed all around the globe! Wordsmith includes a library of downloadable worksheets and cheat sheets. Wordsmith is our signature online, self-paced business writing course that gives you the skills you need to become a confident communicator at work and beyond. To start learning how to write for impact, tune in for the whole Wordsmith Q&A series.

Katie Trauth Taylor Untold Content

Dr. Katie Trauth Taylor is owner and CEO of Untold Content, where she guides a robust team of writers on a mission to impact the world through words. As a writing consultant, Katie provides professional writing services and training programs to organizations and individuals committed to accelerating their thought leadership.





Question Three: Who Created Wordsmith?

Katie Trauth Taylor: Wordsmith is structured around the five levels of effective business writing. The course provides a refresher into the fundamentals of grammar and then moves on to helping professionals write more clearly and concisely. So the course covers topics ranging from word count and how to reduce it to gender, inclusive language and 508 compliance, how to make sure that your documents are accessible. And finally, we cover how to write with global awareness in mind for intercultural communication. We break these five levels of effective business writing down into thirty-two key lessons. We also provide a dynamic case study video for every level. And this is one of my favorite parts of the course because we filmed these case studies all around the globe. We traveled from Cincinnati to Washington, D.C. and all the way to London, England, to showcase some of our work with thought-leading organizations. And in those case study videos, we’re able to show how different clients that we’ve worked with, or different national brands, have either done a great job with some of these levels of effective business writing or where they’ve kind of messed it up and could use improvement. And we provide strategies and tips and an analysis, really, of what they did right and wrong. The other incredible thing about Wordsmith is that our professional writing team designed a library of downloadable worksheets and cheat sheets to feature in the course. So by enrolling in the course, you get access to this library of content and you can download, print and pin these resources, keep them next to you while you’re writing. In order to remember the most commonly used connective phrases and remember the most common grammar mistakes and how to avoid them.



We know that many people are looking for new jobs or working to strengthen their current job position due to COVID-19. That’s why we’re offering full access to Wordsmith for only $97! Tune in for the first segment of our Wordsmith Q&A to find out more about the course and what it can do for you.