Wordsmith Q&A: Being a Better Writer Can Propel Your Career

“We want to spend more time at a high level—thinking through strategies and how to share great ideas, rather than agonizing over the way that we word things and where to put that comma. ”
– Katie Trauth Taylor, PhD

Our Wordsmith Q&A Series is here to answer your most pressing writing questions, including how you can improve writing skills and why they matter. In the fifth segment of our Wordsmith Q&A, we explain that  users will gain, not only covering common grammar mistakes, but also proper word choice and communication with the audience in mind. Everyone needs to know how to write, but it can be hard to know how to write well and efficiently. Learn how to write at a higher level while cutting down on how long the writing process takes! Wordsmith is our signature online, self-paced business writing course that gives you the skills you need to become a confident communicator at work and beyond. To start learning how to write for impact, tune in for the whole Wordsmith Q&A series.



Kathryn (Katie) Trauth Taylor, PhD - Host of the Untold Stories of Innovation Podcast - Untold Content | LinkedIn

Dr. Katie Trauth Taylor is owner and CEO of Untold Content, where she guides a robust team of writers on a mission to impact the world through words. As a writing consultant, Katie provides professional writing services and training programs to organizations and individuals committed to accelerating their thought leadership.



Question Five: What will users gain from this course?

Katie Trauth Taylor: Writing matters. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what sector you work in, if you’re in a nonprofit or for-profit or in the government. Everyone has to write every single day, whether that’s to colleagues or to our bosses or to leadership or to our customers. We’re all doing all of this writing all the time, whether we’re texting or emailing or doing more formal presentations or reports. And across all of those different mediums, we have to be able to communicate our ideas effectively. We all want to be understood. We want our ideas to matter and to make an impact. And we’re all also worried about time. 

We want to spend more time at a high level, thinking through strategies and how to share great ideas, rather than agonizing over the way that we word things and where to put that comma. We created Wordsmith because we wanted professionals to feel empowered every time they sit down at their computer or with a paper and pen or stand up in front of an audience that they can share their ideas, effectively, connect with their audience and be understood.



We know that many people are looking for new jobs or working to strengthen their current job position due to COVID-19. That’s why we’re offering full access to Wordsmith for only $97! Tune in for the first segment of our Wordsmith Q&A to find out more about the course and what it can do for you.