How to Develop a Content Strategy: Step 5

Six Steps to Developing Your Communications Content Strategy

Step 5. Create a content calendar.

Use timed release:

Don’t just publish your writing when you’re finished with one post. Wait and schedule a timed release of posts so that readers get a steady stream of content delivered within specific themes that align with your organizational vision and content goals.


Assign stakeholders:

A successful content strategy will always divide tasks into actionable items and assign specific people to each task. Those folks will also need regular communication to ensure that progress continues.


Employ a Social Media Scheduler:

Don’t go it alone. And don’t spend tons of time and money to have someone post to social media sites by hand. If you can afford it, build up your content library using social media schedulers like MeetEdgar, Hootsuite, or Buffer. This will save you loads of time and frustration.


Repurpose Content:

There are many creative ways to share one blog across multiple social media venues through different repurposing strategies. If you’re using a social media scheduler, you can create multiple tweets that lead readers to the same post.


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