How Wearables Can Inspire Healthcare Communications: Part Three

A (Fictional) Case Study Example of How Healthcare Organizations can Promote Wearable Technologies

Below is a fictional case study that we created to imagine how a healthcare organization could promote patients’ use of wearable technologies–and providers’ interactions with patient wearable data.

St. Augustine Health System recently conducted a series of rapid experiments to transform metric-sharing between patients and providers. First, they discovered that patients, indeed, wanted to track and share activity metrics. 250 patients (out of 1,000) responded to an online survey: 40% owned and wore activity trackers on a regular basis. 85% wanted to share those metrics with their providers. So the health system gathered a team of four providers, two marketing strategists, one executive, and two patients to design rapid experiments. One experiment had providers give positive feedback to patients who shared their daily steps during appointments. Another experiment gave providers 15 minutes of daily additional administrative time to message patients about their activity tracking goals. A third experiment encouraged patients to publicly share step metrics on the health system app through a “Step it Up!” initiative. The team will soon choose which experiment to actualize.

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