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Customer Success Stories We believe authenticity is recognizable even to non-experts, research, data, and evidence must ground every story, the most powerful content is developed collaboratively. Explore below how we execute

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Bring your Innovation stories to life Untold delivers high-impact content for innovative brands, products, and initiatives that need scientific, technical, and medical storytelling—immersing ourselves in the stories of innovative organizations like

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Meet Our team Meet Our Team of Expert Innovation Storytellers As a team of professional content strategists, we translate research and innovation into impactful stories. Our backgrounds as university professors and

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ACCELERATING INNOVATION THROUGH THE POWER OF STORY Experts and non-experts alike are moved by authentic, true, creative, and compelling stories. At Untold, we transform research, data, and evidence into powerful narratives

Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating Diversity Through Story with Chelsie Walter of Women of Cincy

“There is power and strength in diversity. Diversity of race and background, age, gender and all these things that people come to the table with as themselves. They bring their whole selves to the table. It’s not just one aspect of them. And we need to figure out, as a city, as a society, as a country: how do we celebrate all the things people are bringing to the table and listen to everybody’s lived experiences? Because that’s how we create better solutions.” -Chelsie Walter, executive director and co-founder of Women of Cincy

Embracing the unknown

Embracing the Unknown with Marguerite Johnson

“The early storytelling stage should be grounded in the customers’ needs. It should reference the analysis you’ve done, your capabilities as a company and technical expert, and opportunity spaces in your strategy.” – Marguerite Johnson, book author and innovation leader

Population Health

Population Health in Global Crises with Dan Lord of Crossover Health

“People don’t react to just numbers on a page. The only way that comes to life is if we can tell the story around it—tell the actual patient experience with interfacing with our health care. When you have that type of a message and that type of a story, people absolutely jump on board. That’s how you can create change.” —Dan Lord, Director of Clinical Programs at Crossover Health

The Worst Writing Advice on the Web

By Katie Trauth Taylor and Corinne Stanforth At Untold Content, we’ve studied hundreds of books and articles on how to be great writers. So let’s compare our research and expertise with