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Startup Content Toolkit

Our Startup Content Toolkit equips your team with expert writing guidance and 7 professionally-designed, research-backed template packs. Each template pack guides you section-by-section, so you’ll be well-equipped to share your startup’s story with potential partners, investors, consumers, and team members.

Untold Content Featured in Cincy Chic

Untold’s content strategy sessions with BidView led us to the idea that government procurement often feels like a dense wilderness to small business owners–especially those hoping to get started for the first time.

Innvation Stories Message Market Fit

How Innovative Companies Nail Message-Market Fit 

< Back To All Guides Back To All Guides Share : What is Message-Market Fit? Successful product innovation requires clear, compelling storytelling at all stages of the innovation lifecycle, including discovery,

message-market fit

Nailing Your Message-Market Fit

Find your message-market fit to ensure that even in a sea of content, you stand out with validated claims and evidence-based insights.

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strategic messaging social impact

Social Impact Through Strategic Messaging

A social impact rebranding story about Lex End Homelessness, a city-wide campaign to end and prevent homelessness in Fayette County, Kentucky, as it expanded from a donation fund into a multifaceted community movement.

message market fit

From Product-Market Fit to Message-Market Fit

Product-market fit is all about the product, not your company. It’s an important first step in developing a successful business model, but it leaves room for development.
Message-market fit expresses the uniqueness of your company in a way that resonates with your audience’s goals and values.

Capability Statement Templates

Capture the attention of decision-makers by adding your company’s capabilities, past performance, NAICS codes, and certifications to our professionally-designed Word templates.