Social Impact Through Strategic Messaging

By: Elena Kalodner-Martin and Kendall Leon

Companies are constantly evolving and adapting to better meet their clients’ and communities’ needs. This requires knowing your audience, deciding on your messaging, and then actually implementing it — and none of those steps are easy. At Untold Content, we work with you during those key moments of transformation to help you define your objective, make a plan, and achieve your goals.

A Social Impact Rebranding Story

We recently had the pleasure of working with the Lexington Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention (OHPI) on Lex End Homelessness (LEH), a city-wide campaign to end and prevent homelessness in Fayette County, Kentucky. We began working with OHPI during a pivotal moment of transition: they envisioned expanding LEH from a donation fund into a multifaceted community movement, where everyone from local business owners and policy makers to passionate individuals could get involved in addressing homelessness. Given the diverse needs and interests of the identified stakeholders, this campaign required a comprehensive plan to ensure that LEH could effectively reach and engage with the targeted audiences.

We took a comprehensive and dynamic approach to establish and execute our plan. To get started, we led OHPI and many of the human service providers that make up the Lexington-Fayette County Continuum of Care (CoC) through content strategy sessions, where we could identify the mission and vision and goals and measures for success.

Next, we crafted key messages for each audience segment, designed a brand and style guide, and concluded with a full marketing campaign strategy. Throughout this process, we collaborated with key stakeholders and other community members to guarantee that the content created was impactful and objective- driven. 

Finally, we got started! In less than a year, we wrote over 65 content pieces and gathered over 5,000 website views in just the first five months of launching the redesigned website. We created new LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, where we received over 7,700 total social media engagements by tailoring our messaging to each platform’s specific audience. From coordinating an interview event in partnership with a local church’s meal distribution program to designing billboards and ads for public transportation, we committed to maximizing LEH’s social impact every step of the way. LEH now offers opportunities for anyone to see the most recent homelessness data, listen to stories from unhoused community members, participate in advocacy efforts to support those without safe, stable, and affordable housing, and so much more.



Launching or rebranding isn’t just about designing a new website or picking a new logo (though it can include those things, too)! This process is really about getting to know your core values and mission and creating a strategic plan to accomplish your goals.

Whether we’re working on launching a homelessness prevention campaign for an urban community or developing training and research materials in healthcare settings, at Untold Content we take a client-oriented, creative, and sustainable approach to helping you meet —and identify — your company’s objectives. 

Untold Content amplifies innovative work by building strong communication plans. We help our clients reach target audiences through effective messaging and robust content strategy. 

 Set up a time to meet our team so we can learn more about your messaging needs!

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