Social Impact Through Strategic Messaging

strategic messaging social impact

A social impact rebranding story about Lex End Homelessness, a city-wide campaign to end and prevent homelessness in Fayette County, Kentucky, as it expanded from a donation fund into a multifaceted community movement.

Believe in Your Innovation with Eric Cohen

Believe in Your Innovation Through Storytelling with Eric Cohen featured image

“I can see companies need to be able to tell stories better. It’s not just reserved for the brand and marketing groups. Everyone needs to be able to tell a story to sell an idea.” Eric Cohen, CEO, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Award-winning Inventor of the Reebok PUMP, Technologist, Mentor, Innovator in Consumer, CPG, and Healthcare

Building Your Brand Through Internal Storytelling with Scott Kirsner

Building Your Brand Through Internal Storytelling with Scott Kirsner Feature

“We hear from former corporate innovators who basically say, ‘we didn’t do enough. We didn’t do enough internal storytelling. And that’s one of the reasons that this initiative got shut down.’ I’ve had that conversation more than once, which is in retrospect: we should have done more, not not necessarily external storytelling and press releases, but just internal explanations about why the initiative exists, who we’re trying to reach with this initiative, how you can be involved, and telling stories of success.” Scott Kirsner, CEO of Innovation Leader and columnist for The Boston Globe

Dressing the Part with Liana Chaouli

Dressing the Part Liana Chaouli Header

“I want to marry and blend the worlds of therapy and the world of image and clothing, because wherever you go, there you are. And you can’t leave pieces of you behind.” – Liana Chaouli

Innovation Storytelling Through Animation with Dave Bossert of Disney

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“Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and just go do something. But to me, that’s the fun about creating stuff. It all boils down to story. I don’t care what you’re involved with, if you’re hocking new sparkling water, there’s a story to be told. You’ve got to figure out the story that you want to tell people.” —Dave Bossert

Connecting Leadership and Storytelling with Ryan Hawk

connecting leadership and storytelling

“Every person on your team has a different personality and a different motivation. As a leader, it is our job to understand what that is, to help encourage them to do their ultimate best work for the betterment of both themselves as well as your organization.” — Ryan Hawk

The Untold Story of Blood with Dr. Richard Benjamin and Obi Greenman of Cerus

“What we’ve learned is how to more appropriately use blood when it’s really needed and then not to use it when it’s not really needed. And so we believe that our products, by making them more available and safer, give physicians some confidence in the use of their blood products as well.” – Dr. Richard Benjamin, Chief Medical Officer at Cerus Corporation

Naming Affrilachia

Naming Affrilachia

This article explores the powerful and essential ways that cultural identities are created through language. How can a new word create community?