Innovating an End to Veteran Homelessness

veteran homelessness

Veterans, both male and female, have historically been overrepresented in the U.S. homeless population. This book provides insight into the initial deployment of a Lean Management System across VA, the nation’s largest healthcare system.

The Untold Story of Blood with Dr. Richard Benjamin and Obi Greenman of Cerus

“What we’ve learned is how to more appropriately use blood when it’s really needed and then not to use it when it’s not really needed. And so we believe that our products, by making them more available and safer, give physicians some confidence in the use of their blood products as well.” – Dr. Richard Benjamin, Chief Medical Officer at Cerus Corporation

Science Writers Highlight Research Breakthroughs for National Lab

science writers research

Case Story: Challenge To highlight the outstanding research coming out of Argonne National Lab’s Advanced Photon Source through engaging, scientific journalistic articles. Solution Utilize best-practices in science writing to develop articles highlighting the findings and significance of research emerging from Argonne National Lab. Results  To date, we have published 18 science journalism articles in collaboration […]