Black Lives Matter to Innovation

black lives matter

In this special episode of Untold Stories of Innovation, we wanted to highlight the voices of Black innovators. This sizzle reel features quotes from previous interviewees who share the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion to innovation. We believe it’s important to amplify Black voices in innovation and to increase the amount of venture capital granted to innovators of color. Once you hear these highlights, we encourage you to listen to each interviewee’s full episode to get the full context of their innovative work.

Innovation Cultures with Brian Cobb

Innovation Cultures

“We need to have talent behind everything that we do. We need to understand what’s happening, what’s coming at us, and then finding that talent that just understands the nature of the business, not just internally but externally, across party lines, if you will. And then ultimately, how do we make a difference in not only the global economy, but who we are as humans?” —Brian Cobb

Advancing Science through Story with Lou Gritzo

Advancing Science

“The storytelling changes throughout that whole evolution of the innovation from the front end to the tail end…and the one common factor is can the person you’re talking to put themselves in that position? And if they can, then it becomes almost immediately credible.” —Lou Gritzo, VP at FM Global

Igniting Creativity and Leveraging Failure with Michael Todasco of Paypal

Igniting Creativity

“Storytelling is so critical to the leadership process that we need to understand how it works at a high level, a corporate level, and a lower level, as well for any individual team. Within the innovation lab, everything starts with story.” —Michael Todasco, Senior Director of Innovation at PayPal

Why Storytelling Matters to Innovation with Paul Andrew Smith

Storytelling Matters to Innovation

“Listening to other people’s innovation stories literally, I think, makes you more innovative. Just hearing that somebody else did something in a different industry, a completely different industry that was outside the box, done breaking the rules. Not only gives you a license to do it, but I think it literally gives you ideas for what can be done in your industry.” —Paul Andrew Smith

How to Write a White Paper

White Paper Templates

At once a report and a marketing tool, the white paper is an informative, research-based genre that might also persuade its readers to buy into a new concept or product.

How To Write a CV (Plus Word CV Templates!)


A CV is a professional document used to showcase a job seeker’s accomplishments and career expertise. Like a resume, a CV allows you to demonstrate to a prospective employer that you have the qualifications needed for a particular job or position so when jobs hiring takes place, you will be high up on their list […]