Wordsmith Q&A: The Five Levels of Effective Business Writing

“This course is a beautiful blending of case study examples that are drawn from public sectors, including government client perspectives, corporate, scientific technical, and nonprofit industries.” – Katie Trauth Taylor, PhD Our Wordsmith Q&A Series is here to answer your most pressing writing questions, including how you can improve writing skills and why they matter. […]

Motivating the Innovator with Jim Rekoske of Ecolab


“Storytelling is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of how we have to drive innovations to success. If it’s not commercially successful, the innovation is just an idea. Making ideas commercially successful is really the spirit of innovation, and that innovation doesn’t happen if you can’t convey quickly and easily to those who will use your innovation, what it’s good for, what it works for, what problem it solves, and why it’s the right solution.” – Jim Rekoske, senior vice president of research, development and engineering at Ecolab

Wordsmith Q&A: Why Being a STRONG Writer Can Help You Get Hired and Promoted

“One of my favorite aspects of Wordsmith is that it trains professionals to become more concise and deliberate writers. That means you’re able to save time on your writing and also communicate your ideas for greater understanding and impact.” – Katie Trauth Taylor, PhD Our Wordsmith Q&A Series is here to answer your most pressing […]

Redefining Success in Innovation with Chris Denson

“Success doesn’t always look like you envision it, but eventually the bits and pieces start to come together. And as long as you remain open, you can find yourself in an unexpected place that doesn’t look like you thought it would.” —Chris Denson, creator and host of the Innovation Crush podcast

Breaking Boundaries with Cybersecurity – Yan Shoshitaishvili


“The innovator needs to align the mission and show how this can move forward. You need to either have an institution or an organization that will meet you in the middle or you need to make that place within your organization.” – Yan Shoshitaishvili, assistant professor at Arizona State University

Population Health in Global Crises with Dan Lord of Crossover Health

Population Health

“People don’t react to just numbers on a page. The only way that comes to life is if we can tell the story around it—tell the actual patient experience with interfacing with our health care. When you have that type of a message and that type of a story, people absolutely jump on board. That’s how you can create change.” —Dan Lord, Director of Clinical Programs at Crossover Health

Lean Innovation with Kathy Fish of P&G

lean innovation

“Fall in love with the problem and consistently check back with the consumer to make sure that the solution that you’re providing is really a painkiller in solving their problem in a meaningful way better than anything else that’s out there.” -Kathy Fish, Chief Research, Development and Innovation Officer at Procter & Gamble

Legacy Innovations with Dawn Stancavish

Legacy Innovations

“Our focus for new innovations is how can we go where no one’s gone before, as opposed to how can we make something better.” -Dawn Stancavish, CIO and COO of Massa Products Corporation