Why You Need a Content Strategy

Online content should play a central role in how your organization achieves its vision and meets strategic goals.


Just like the romantic vision of a creative writer, sitting at a desk by an open window as the cool spring breeze practically strews words onto the page, most people approach online writing with emotional fervor–allowing immediate ideas and passions to dictate the content they develop. It’s exciting to write content whenever you feel inspired–especially when online venues like blogs, Twitter, and Storify seem so chill. So laid back. No need for broader strategizing. I feel like writing!

The romantic approach to copywriting might work for you, and might even result in huge reader followings. If so, wonderful! The lessons from today’s post will still have importance for you. Because whether you’re cranking out content with random inspiration or trudging through your typical morning writing sessions, you need a content strategy.

Writing content “when you feel like it” becomes problematic when your words represent an entity beyond yourself, such as an organization, company, community, or even your personal brand. It’s not enough to have a random collection of blog posts and articles that you feel passionate about. Your content should align with and help accomplish a broader vision and set of strategic goals.


Ready to take action? Request a content strategy session with our team of writing experts to tell your organization’s story, reflect your brand identity and support your strategic goals.

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