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Startup Content Strategy Tips

3 Tips for Startup Content Strategy Success

Startups possess all the key ingredients of thought leadership: big ideas, disruptive perspectives, outrageous talent. But with time devoted to product iteration, market analysis, investor pitches, and strategic planning, it’s not easy to spread the genius behind your innovations.

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Content Strategy For Small Business Mobile App

Our content strategy sessions with BidView led us to the idea that government procurement often feels like a dense wilderness to small business owners–especially those hoping to get started for the first time.

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Why You Need a Content Strategy

Whether you write regularly or wait for the muse to strike, you need a content strategy to get your message out consistently. Here’s how.

How to Develop a Content Strategy: Step 1

Six Steps to Developing Your Communications Content Strategy Step 1. Articulate your strategic vision, goals, and objectives. Begin by asking: What is your organization’s vision? What are your strategic goals and

How to Develop a Content Strategy: Step 2

Content should reach defined publics in ways that establish your expertise or market your products and services. There are different ways of “marketing” online content:  high sell, low sell, and zero sell:

How to Develop a Content Strategy: Step 3

Here are some types of content and publication venues you might include in your content strategy:

Blog Posts:

Blogs are a casual space on your company website for sharing knowledge, updates, and news. Posting to a blog helps you reach wide readerships, drive website traffic, and increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or your rankings on Google.

How to Develop a Content Strategy: Step 5

Don’t just publish your writing when you’re finished with one post. Wait and schedule a timed release of posts so that readers get a steady stream of content delivered within specific themes that align with your organizational vision and content goals.

How to Develop a Content Strategy: Step 4

Okay, you’ve got a vision, goals, key audience(s), and publication venues identified for your content. These are the high-level aspects of your content strategy. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty and develop amazing content ideas that align with your organizational vision.

How to Develop a Content Strategy: Step 6

Within your content strategy should be a clear plan for measuring the impacts of your efforts. Metrics should be based on the strategic objectives you established in Step 1. Use Google Analytics to keep track of traffic to your content, watch where readers click next after viewing a post, and see the impacts of your outreach efforts.